(This workshop has been designed for all those who wish to learn more about sound healing and bring it into their business and healing practice, their teaching, or their skill set for personal growth.)


Sound Healing Workshop

An Interactive Seminar for Teachers, Practitioners and Healers


This class in sound healing combines our modern science and the ancient traditions of sound vibration, and how they can be used to heal and enliven the body, mind and spirit. Through the use of sacred frequency tools, such as singing bowls, tuning forks, percussion, voice and other instruments, alignment and balance may be achieved.  Precise electronic tones and frequencies are also created with special equipment.

These practical techniques will empower your personal life and are also applicable for those who wish to use them professionally.

We feel that sound healing can be best approached and experienced through the mechanics of the chakra system. An in-depth review of the chakras is the first step in this workshop.

Sven Hansen and Bob Macko have many years of experience performing music with sound healing. They have performed and offered their workshops at yoga events, spiritual gatherings, and festivals. You will discover that sound healing is fun and rewarding.  You will carry with you useful skills and knowledge about sound healing.


Topics Covered:

  • Why and how sound healing works.
  • The value of different sound healing tools.
  • Sound healing as a business.
  • How to use in individual as well as group settings.
  • Individualized hands-on work with fellow participants and the group.
  • What tools you will need, which tools are best for you.
  • Combining Sound Healing with musical entertainment.
  • Cymatics – The Geometry of Sound
  • Sound healing in ancient cultures.
  • The future of “sound” and vibrational healing in our culture today.
  • How to clear and attune chakras with sound tools
MahaRa - Sound Healing Workshop
MahaRa - Sound Healing Workshop


“Sven and Bob’s inspirational music brought a whole new dimension to my workshop. I had never experienced teaching with live music before and they made it effortless. I simply cannot praise MahaRa enough! The band’s unique blend of instruments and soothing rhythms awakened the sound and  had the audience up and off their feet, moving to their dynamic music.”

-James Miller – Founder, Adamantine Yoga

Chakra Alignment Meditation Video in A432 Hz

Chakra Alignment Meditation Video in A432 Hz by MahaRa


This is a powerful Chakra Alignment Meditation Video tuned to A432 Hz. This video will guide you through each of the chakras (energy centers of the body) and will play specific mathematically sacred frequencies for the purpose of bringing your chakras into alignment and balance, as well as structuring your internal physical cells. This video can be used as an open eyed meditation to promote deep inward relaxation, or to restore balance to your mental thoughts. $22.22


Sound Healing Seminar MP3 Download

MahaRa Sound Healing 6-16-2016


Experience a transformative sound healing performance with Bob Macko and Sven Oscar of MahaRa. During this experiential and restorative event, you will hear live native american flute, acoustic guitar, Indian tabla, shamanic percussion, Australian didgeridoo, Tibetan singing bowls, gongs and live original electronic soundscapes. You will also hear the pure tones of the chakras, the 7 major energy centers of the body. Additionally, you will be guided to clear limiting subconscious belief patterns which are held within these energy centers.

This is an MP3 recording of an event held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with a total length of 1 Hour and 33 minutes.