About MahaRa

MahaRa (Pronounced Ma-Ha-Ra) is an alternative music group from Chicago that incorporates acoustic instrumentation, electronic sounds and world influences. MahaRa was created in 2008 by Bob Macko (multi-instrumentalist / composer ) and Sven Hansen (Indian tabla / world percussion). Within their dynamic music, you will find acoustic guitar, Indian tabla, Native American flute, world percussion, Australian didgeridoo, and more. Sven Hansen and Bob Macko have been working together for over 8 years.  Sven Hansen is a healer, musician and yoga teacher. He has harmonized his training in Reiki, Integrative Energy Therapy , sound healing and meditation to create a healing and deeply relaxing program. Sven graduated from Maharishi International University and has been meditating for over 30 years.  Bob Macko is a gifted multi instrumentalist, advanced Theta healing practitioner and teacher of spirituality and metaphysics. He used his gifts as a catalyst for positive change in the world. As a duo, MahaRa uses a vast collection of instruments to create deeply healing and transformational music.

Sound Healing Performances

MahaRa offers a 90 min blissful performance that attendees just soak in.  It will include a live chakra clearing and attunement, live performance of original music and even some  spiritual poetry from the Western tradition.  Bob is a master of the Native American flute guitar, didgeridoo and electronic music.  Both Sven and Bob perform with many sound healing instruments and on over a dozen percussion instruments.  This is truly a musical healing journey where participants return more relaxed and more energized! LEARN MORE

Sound Healing Workshops

This class in sound healing combines our modern science and the ancient traditions of sound vibration, and how they can be used to heal and enliven the body, mind and spirit. Through the use of sacred frequency tools, such as singing bowls, tuning forks, percussion, voice and other instruments, alignment and balance may be achieved.  Precise electronic tones and frequencies are also created with special equipment.

These practical techniques will empower your personal life and are also applicable for those who wish to use them professionally. LEARN MORE


MahaRa is available for public events, concerts, festivals, workshops and private functions. For booking, please contact us.

“It is our greatest gift to be able to create and share our musical creations with others. We truly appreciate knowing the fact that our music is a catalyst for positive change in world.” – MahaRa


MahaRa Testimonials

“The Vibrational Sound Healing Event, A Sound Healing Journey, at my healing center was a  fabulous success! Participants reported a multitude of benefits, I personally felt more clean, and  the clinic felt more energized. Patients have asked when the next event is! Sven Hansen has a gift for healing and music as well as a heart for giving – a beautiful combination brought to life
through the lovely fusion of unique, high vibrational healing sounds and music.”
-Dr. Melissa C. Verhagen – Integrative Medicine, Aurora Illinois

“Sven and Bob’s inspirational music brought a whole new dimension to my yoga workshop. I had never experienced teaching with live music before and they made it effortless. I simply cannot praise MahaRa enough! The band’s unique blend of instruments and soothing rhythms awakened the sound and  had the audience up and off their feet, moving to their dynamic beats.”
-James Miller – Founder, Adamantine Yoga

“In my opinion there is nothing more sacred or sensuous than taking in the glorious sounds and visuals of musicians who are lost in the ecstasy of their expression. I got a huge “hit” of that first thing Friday night as the event opened with the acoustic progressive rock sounds of MahaRa. As the highly skilled musicians played the vast array of instruments (ranging from banjo, fiddle, ukulele, horn, guitar and a variety of percussions), I found myself transported to past times and other worlds. I felt privy to the celestial winks and nods shared among the musicians as they, open-heartedly shared in the delight of their creations.” – Theresa Puskar of The Monthly Aspectarian Magazine

“Thank you for an amazing sound healing evening Friday! It was nice to be able to bring my Reiki friends. I woke up the next day and was much less stuff, it was surprising! I had become stiffer and stiffer for several weeks, and suddenly I was very free in the body. Had not expected such a specific effect. Thanks again, I want to come to the next one!”
-Gunn Irene Kleppe

“My mood ring kept jumping between happy and calm. It was cool.”
-Anaya DeCleene (10 years old)

“Their music made me feel very peaceful inside. Other times it made me want to move and dance. Sometimes there were just beautiful sounds to listen to. It was different and really cool. I like MahaRa a lot”

“This stuff is new and creative. I could really tell that the musicians were having a great time. They played lots of tones and sounds and then made some truly beautiful music. They even said out a couple poems that fit in really well. It was definitely different and very enjoyable.”

“I kind of feel like a new person after the music and sound concert. Their music is really creative and dancy at times. Other times it was super peaceful, like a guided meditation. Next time MahaRa has a performance I will tell some friends about it.”

“I loved it. It was so peaceful. I felt different sensations as the chakras opened. There was a beautiful white light. Now I feel calmly energized. I enjoyed it very much.”
-Sarah Tobias

“Bob and Sven play music so intuitively together, like they are extensions of each other. It is really enjoyable to watch and feel their good vibes.”
-John Tobias

“Thanks for your amazing energy and enthusiasm. I’m blown away–in a very good way! And very happy!”
-Kitty Voss

“Our congregation was genuinely moved and inspired by MahaRa’s energized performance during our Sunday service. Two standing ovations and calls for a quick return date rang through our sanctuary. I recommend MahaRa to anyone wishing to bring a unique, uplifting and harmonizing energy and experience to their activities.” – Rev Tom Wendt – Unity Church of Crystal Lake

“The music energized my soul.” – Hamidea P.

“Bob Macko shares an amazing heart space in his work and is a vibrant invitation to grace as an embodiment of consciousness ?? He is someone you will want to be around!” – Katherine Hacking

“I was privileged to see MahaRa at the Children of Light conference this June 2016 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The duo, Bob and Sven work in harmony to create awesome music. While listening to them play, I could not just sit, I was filled with so much energy that I got up and danced the entire time. After the concert I was still so filled with energy, I was almost bouncing off the walls… in a good way! 🙂 I must say that is not my usual modus operandi. If you have an opportunity to see MahaRa, take advantage! Bless your hearts Bob and Sven, thank you for sharing your gift of music with us at the conference.” – Danny C. Vancouver, Washington


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