MahaRa (Pronounced Ma-Ha-Ra) is an alternative music group from Chicago that incorporates acoustic instrumentation, electronic sounds and world influences. Within their dynamic music, you will find acoustic guitar, Indian tabla, Native American flute, world percussion, Australian didgeridoo and more. Read More

Concerts & Performances

Dynamic. Engaging. Creative.

As a duo, Bob Macko and Sven Oscar create never before heard sonic soundscapes and original compositions that leave audiences in awe. Within their live music, you’ll hear Acoustic Guitar, Australian Didgeridoo, Native American Flute, Piano, Indian Tabla, World Percussion and more.

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Sound Healing Seminars

Expansive. Healing. Profound.

These Sound Healing Seminars are created to expand the heart, engage the intellect, refresh the subconscious mind, and cleanse the soul. A combination of masterfully played live instruments are used to transport you to a different place. Learn about the sacred geometry of sound and experience the pure tones of the energetic centers of the body.

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Upcoming Events

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Sound Healing Seminar MP3 Download

MahaRa Sound Healing 6-16-2016


Experience a transformative sound healing performance with Bob Macko and Sven Oscar of MahaRa. During this experiential and restorative event, you will hear live native american flute, acoustic guitar, Indian tabla, shamanic percussion, Australian didgeridoo, Tibetan singing bowls, gongs and live original electronic soundscapes. You will also hear the pure tones of the chakras, the 7 major energy centers of the body. Additionally, you will be guided to clear limiting subconscious belief patterns which are held within these energy centers.

This is an MP3 recording of an event held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with a total length of 1 Hour and 33 minutes.  ONLY $7