MahaRa (Pronounced Ma-Ha-Ra) is Bob Macko and Sven Hansen.

Their musical sound healing performances and workshops transform, entertain, and inspire. Between them, they play over 30 unique instruments. They play acoustic instruments and present their music live using the latest in electronic enhancement.

MahaRa can be found where creative music, spiritual growth, art, cutting edge ideas and emerging consciousness is celebrated. Sven and Bob create extraordinary tones and frequencies and original melodies, rhythms and songs. The audience at their shows and participants in their workshops report experiences of inspiration, deep relaxation, healing, energy pulsating through the body, and expansion.  They return to their everyday life with renewed passion and joy.

You can find their live events at yoga venues, music festivals, transformational conferences and healing centers throughout the Mid-West.

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MahaRa - Sound Healing Workshop

Sound Healing Performances

Healing. Transformation. Profound.

These Sound Healing Seminars are created to expand the heart, engage the intellect, refresh the subconscious mind, and cleanse the soul. A combination of masterfully played live instruments are used to transport you to a different place. Learn about the sacred geometry of sound and experience the pure tones of the energetic centers of the body.

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Musical Performances

Dynamic. Engaging. Creative.

As a duo, Bob Macko and Sven Oscar create never before heard sonic soundscapes and original compositions that leave audiences in awe. Within their live music, you’ll hear Acoustic Guitar, Australian Didgeridoo, Native American Flute, Piano, Indian Tabla, World Percussion and more.

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Upcoming Events

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Chakra Alignment Meditation Video in A432 Hz

Chakra Alignment Meditation Video in A432 Hz by MahaRa


This is a powerful Chakra Alignment Meditation Video tuned to A432 Hz. This video will guide you through each of the chakras (energy centers of the body) and will play specific mathematically sacred frequencies for the purpose of bringing your chakras into alignment and balance, as well as structuring your internal physical cells. This video can be used as an open eyed meditation to promote deep inward relaxation, or to restore balance to your mental thoughts. $22.22


"Aelyisum" Meditation / Yoga Album MP3 Download

Aelysium by Bob Macko


Aelysium is a CD created by Bob Macko. This album has over an hour of music perfect for meditation, yoga, body work, reiki, energy sessions, sleep & relaxation and any place where you wish to create a calming and relaxing environment. Within the album you will hear live nature sounds, light piano, and gentle swells of music.  The first 30 minutes are also set to a 6 second breath count; meaning that the musical swells will encourage your (or the client) to breath in for 6 seconds, and exhale for 6 seconds, without the use of vocals. Aelysium is the most popular of Bob’s meditation CD series. $10


Sound Healing Seminar MP3 Download

MahaRa Sound Healing 6-16-2016


Experience a transformative sound healing performance with Bob Macko and Sven Oscar of MahaRa. During this experiential and restorative event, you will hear live native american flute, acoustic guitar, Indian tabla, shamanic percussion, Australian didgeridoo, Tibetan singing bowls, gongs and live original electronic soundscapes. You will also hear the pure tones of the chakras, the 7 major energy centers of the body. Additionally, you will be guided to clear limiting subconscious belief patterns which are held within these energy centers.

This is an MP3 recording of an event held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with a total length of 1 Hour and 33 minutes.  ONLY $7